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What is electrogustometry ?

Electrogustometry involves passing an electric current to the tongue in order to trigger a sensation of taste, to recognize deficits in specific parts of the tongue in defining electrical current limit thresholds experienced by the patient (called electrogustometric threshold). It is practiced in case of loss of taste.

Thanks to research lead by the group of Dr. MacLeod, new fields of applications have now emerged. Indeed, loss of taste in a patient may be related to treatment (as in chemotherapy), a disease affecting the salivary glands or a bad habit (such as tobacco). Our electrogustometer is a device used to set the sensitivity threshold at a taste sensation, and thereby detect any abnormality. Thus, the electrogustometer could become a key instrument both in tobacco prevention, adaptation of posology within cancer treatments or concerning nutrition problems.

But today no device allows sufficiently accurate measurements or meets the needs in these areas. Until My Gus arrive !

Easy setup

Download our Android App, connect My Gus to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you are all set.


My Gus can run for days on one charge and fit in a pocket. And you just need our App to control it.


We can create on-demand apps according to new needs for doctors and researchers.


My Gus can deliver a current from 0 to 220 microampers at a 1% precision at a high repetability rate.


My Gus has been conceived to always deliver the current you asked for and protect the users.


Learn more about this feature packed App

Protocol 1

Manual measurment of taste threshold.

Protocol 2

Automatic measurment of taste threshold.

Protocol 3

Automatic double blind measurment of taste threshold.


English or French, and more to come.


Connect the app to the device to control it.


In-App help to usuals questions.

Stored data

Data stored in an Excel file on your smartphone. And you can then share it !

And more to come

New features are coming !

In My Gus they trust

Here are some people using MyGus

Laboratoire de neurobiologie sensorielle de l’olfaction et de la gustation du CNRS INAF

Association AVEC & Service d’Oncologie Médicale de la Pitié Salpêtrière

Fondation JDB & Ligue Contre le Cancer & Education Nationale


See what’s included in our Android App

Flash screen



Protocol 1

Protocol 2

Protocol 3






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